Pros and Cons of an Auto-dialer system

In today’s world. Business competition is on rise and thousands of companies are chasing similar customers over and over again with almost same product offering and services. In such a situation only those companies who are well-organized, industrious and quick to respond to ever changing customer needs and preferences can survive in the market. Even when it comes to other roles such as collection of dues, circulation of information and other such requirements , prompt action is extremely important which can be ensured only with proper use of the best available modern technology.


This element can be best demonstrated when we look at the ever changing needs of the center business. The call center concept which is quite long-standing started with a few of center executives who were given the task of making a limited calls from a manual list which was given to them. Though this did work in the beginning but things started falling apart when business volumes started growing and the stress of backlog started haunting many call center organizations. Customer service and customer excellence took a defeat and this caused many customers waking out to some other competitors’ products and services. As far as gathering of dues were concerned lack of proper information and weariness in communicating defaulting customers resulted in rising overdue and unpaid installments.


To counter this situation a new technology called the auto dialer service came into being and this has changed the whole concept of call center working. It has fundamentally made the centers much more effectual, productive and customer-oriented. From the company’s point of view it has also made the life of call center employees much better which enabled them to concentrate on productive work rather than wasting time on unproductive calls. There have been illustrations which have shown that with the use of this technology average daily calls made by each call center employee has gone up by almost 120 to 140% this has resulted in better focus on the right target of customers and reduced wastage and slippage.

The reason why this software is so powerful and effective is because of the fact that it works on the idea of predictable dialing rather than random dialing. For example, if a client is unavailable or not accessible in a standard scenario the call center employee would have come to know of this only after a couple of minutes of waiting. But this problem has been overcome with the use of auto dialer service technology where the software is so designed that it waits for a few seconds and then automatically moves to the next number. Whenever it encounters a live customer or in other words a human face on the other side it automatically routes the call to a free call center executive. Hence, it eliminates the idle hours of workers and also inefficient one. Through the power of this technology, workers can just focus on results rather than doing unproductive work and being burden on the organization.